University Platform

The platform invites European universities to a portal that enhances collaboration and foster changes in several fields:

1. Emotional wellbeing of the academic community

What measures universities have taken or are planning to take in light of the consequences on the quality of emotional well-being and mental health of the academic community, with a special attention to the students. Collecting and sharing best practice examples, discussion with regard to online teaching and examination (e.g. balancing the use of on-line exams versus the method of research papers) and developing protocols and teaching structures to be ready for a next pandemic.

2. Socio-political issues

How has COVID-19 changed the world, the views and prospects on key areas. It is clear that the post-COVID world will not be the same. This calls for a careful analysis of what happened, of the very different responses of governments, of the challenges the pandemic has triggered for democracy, the integrity of the personal space, regional e.g. EU collaboration and integration, and the role of the current superpowers in the world that is now being created. The platform focuses on the three main themes of the Reviving the Helsinki Spirit project that was launched by the Andrei Sakharov Research Center at Vytautas Magnus University in 2020:  (1) a healthy information eco-system; (2) a fair climate policy and (3) equality and identity. For more information click on the link bellow.

3. Developing joint research activities

The platform will focus on changes in the social realm during worldwide restrictions; new models of cooperation under quarantine status; the role of freedom and individualism in relation to surveillance; discussions on conceptions and perceptions of normality, abnormality and “new normality”; the basis for defining and objectifying the shift of normality.

4. Engaging the Youth

The pandemic has resulted in a lock-down of half of the globe’s population, into emergency measures of varying degree, in restriction on movement both internationally and nationally, which exposed the vulnerability of youth as a group. The platform emphasizes the importance of dialogue and youth engagement in rebuilding a cooperative, peaceful and diverse Europe; strengthens the voice of youth, to foster taking personal responsibility for the future, to gather peers and build a European community.

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